Building bridges between customers and businesses

Add a chatbot to your site in seconds. Level up your customer support and analytics without breaking the bank.

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COVID-19 For our Canadian citizens, we've worked with to help you navigate these troubling times.

Organic feedback collection

Our integrated platform lets your customers' voices be heard.

Whether you already have a chatbot already or need to create one, we have a tailored solution just for you.

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Engage customers directly

Codeless setup

Get started without a team of developers. Follow our docs to create your bot and add a chat widget to your website, no code required.

Integrate existing chatbots

Start collecting data from your own apps and social media. Easily integrate the Curabit API with the rest of your tech stack.




Enhanced decision making

Instantly adapt

Respond to customer requests and complaints with real-time updates. Our notification centre will update you just moments after data is created.

Secure cloud pipeline

Analyze and send your data straight to your dashboard. Convert masses of text data into actionable insights using our state of the art NLP algorithm.


Enable meaningful communications

Increase customer engagement

Our Conversational AI is easy to interact with and fun to talk to. Make data collection seamless with flawless user experience.

Countless chatbot extensions

Go beyond simple text responses and FAQs. From buttons and gifs to bookings and surveys, Curabit does it all.